So Many Memories

These are just a few of the amazing highlights from the last few years. Don't forget that there are photos albums from parent photographers in our private Facebook group. Thank you all for capturing these amazing memories for us!

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2021 NWAPA AAAA Champion

What a year to remember! You persevered through the highs and lows of the pandemic and created an amazing show for 2021.

Each and everyone of you from the students, staff, volunteers, & families should all be very proud of this accomplishment.

World of Our Creation is definitely a show we will all remember!


2020 will be a year for the record books! You all did such a great job at persevering and produced a show to be proud of.

2019 NWAPA Circuit Champions

Way to defend your title Grants Pass!

2019 NWAPA Circuit Champions

"Support one another, congratulate each other. You guys are a part of something extremely special."

From Drum Major Sam Barei:

“We told ourselves at the beginning of this season we are a family. But we are also a family to others. Us Drum Majors and Captains cried and hugged it out with West Salem before knowing our score. We all agreed that yes, it is an amazing feeling to be announced first but also, we could get any type of score and it wouldn’t change how proud we are of our teams. Everyone pushed themselves and worked harder than they ever have. Support one another, congratulate each other. You guys are a part of something extremely special. Be proud of what was accomplished on that field. Be a family, outside our own family.”

2019 NWAPA Championships - Final | Over Under

2018 NWAPA Championships - Final | One Step Closer

2018 NWAPA Circuit Champions

One of the best moments ever!

"We love you Grants Pass". "You deserve this!".

The most humbling part of that night? Listening to the other schools SUPPORT this great achievement. Autzen Stadium roared for our students.. A moment in time we will never forget!

"Through hard work and preparation, YOU can accomplish a great deal."


After a long and arduous fall, you can finally sit back and enjoy the reward for all of your hard work. I am extremely happy for all of you involved in this fall season. To the parents, siblings, relatives and friends who helped out with everything from building obnoxious props to driving kids to and from late night practices, thank you. The recognition last night goes to all of you, not just the students. There is absolutely no way we could have attempted a comprehensive show like this while traveling up and down the state of Oregon without the help and support of all the families and friends involved.

I think something that we can all take from this experience, is that through hard work and preparation, you can accomplish a great deal. We did not win the Northwest Championship this fall season. We started earning that title in late winter of last year. We earned that championship through off season work in the practice room, staff preparation and booster planning and fund raising. We talked all season long about preparing yourself for success. I sincerely believe the majority of you started that championship run seven months ago. That is why your resiliency pulled you through such a controversial fall. You were set up for a quality run before you put a foot on the field. That is what I want us to all remember, myself included.

Whatever your next endeavor may be, set your goals, prepare yourself ahead of time and believe that you can do it.

Thank you for a fun and exciting Championship weekend. I am so happy for you and your team. I hope that we can capitalize on this momentum as we transition towards our New York trip.

Director Mr. Garcia

2018 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Such an exciting moment for our students!

The coldest Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on record didn't stop our amazing students from marching in this time honored tradition.

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