Booster Help

The band boosters help all the bands (Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, Marching Band, and the Guard) and we can only make things work with the help of all families. Please help us help the students by offering a small amount of your skills, time, or contacts and together we can work to reduce band fees and make Band a great thing for all the students. By participating in the Band programs families understand that they are expected to volunteer at least 30 hours per season and are encouraged to do more. In addition to fundraising we also need chaperones for home football games and away competitions.

You will see two types of fund raising activities: Those which raise money directly for a student and those which raise money for the program as a whole. We need participation in both kinds of activities.

  • Business Sponsorships for PNW and Jazzfest are the only fundraiser where half the money goes directly to the student account and half goes to boosters (this is due to IRS restrictions). This can make the most money for your student's account.

  • Direct student sponsorships and donations (i.e., GoFundMe, personal donations, etc...) can be deposited directly into student accounts via the music secretary and do not go through the Boosters.

  • Booster sponsored activities including but not limited to PNW, Jazzfest, Ornament sales, Ticket sales*, Coin Drive, Summer Rummage Sale, Cycle Oregon assistance, Laser Tag, Zombie Prom, Amazon Smiles, and Fred Meyer Community Rewards need volunteers and money raised allows the Boosters to provide the support to the band program and students throughout the year.

  • Non-Booster sponsored activities including but not limited to Bottles and cans, Back to the 50's, and Horse Races have money go direct to students for deposit into their student account and do not go through the Boosters.

* Ticket Sales from JazzFest and PNW will either go 100% to student or 100% to Boosters, to be decided by the Booster Board.

The GPHS Band Boosters are a non-profit organization (Tax-ID #93-1285490). Money which does not go through the Boosters cannot be considered a donation to a non-profit.